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Adi DaWho is Avatar Adi Da Samraj? In a very real sense, the Way of Adidam is all about getting to know who Avatar Adi Da Samraj is, better and better. Indeed, taking up the Way of Adidam is based on a degree of genuine recognition of who Avatar Adi Da Samraj is, in Spiritual terms. There are extraordinary Spiritual Revelations ahead, for all those who take up this Spiritual practice! And the final Revelation the most extraordinary, and the most intimate is that Avatar Adi Da Samraj is our Real Self, the Real Self of all of us apparently real, apparently separate selves. He is appearing here in human form to Awaken us from this dream of mortality and limited existence to the Perfect Happiness of Infinite Divine Existence, our True State. We discover this most perfectly when we have been Awakened most completely.

But let's begin this story of Avatar Adi Da Samraj with what is most obvious and most immediately accessible. The first two Revelations are ones that can be objectively assessed. The last three Revelations are Spiritual in nature, and only come through actual practice of the Way of Adidam.

  • Extraordinary Genius To say the least, Avatar Adi Da Samraj is an extraordinary genius: an acclaimed writer, playwright, artist, photographer, social and spiritual visionary, philosopher, and founder of the religion of Adidam. But these accomplishments, extraordinary as they are from a conventional viewpoint when taken together, are just an "indicator" that this is no ordinary human being. They serve as a "calling card" to the world, beckoning the discerning reader to find out more about the source of such an immense, powerful, and practical creative opus.

  • Herald of a New Era of Humankind But how could such a human being produce so many accomplishments in so many areas? In this era of specialization, such a thing is very rare; one must master an extraordinary amount of knowledge and capability simply to reach the point of accomplishment in just a single area of human specialization. With less human history behind him, Leonardo had it easier in his time!

    The only way to have such an impact across so many areas is to introduce a radically new view that represents a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we view everything. We have seen only one such major shift before in the history of Western civilization: in the transition from the childhood of humankind to its adolescence, when the Christian religio-political world view gave way to scientific materialism. The new paradigm shift heralded by Avatar Adi Da Samraj is from the adolescence of humankind into its full maturity, its adulthood: in spiritual terms, its entry into the fourth stage of life.

  • Spiritual Transmission Master of the Highest Degree While extraordinary, and beneficial in their own right, the accomplishments mentioned earlier are completely secondary to Adi Da Samraj's primary purpose, which is Spiritual in nature, and is directly revealed when one sits before Him (as recounted by devotees here). Adi Da Samraj is working to draw a significant number of people (and ultimately, all of humankind) into a new era of Spiritual maturity through the radically potent means of a direct, tangible, and unique Spiritual Transmission.

  • Divine Incarnation / Avatar Beings evolve Spiritually, some of their own initiative (which tends to be a very slow route, and only can go so far), and some with the help of a being whose Spiritual Realization is greater than their own (which enables accelerated growth, and can move someone beyond egoically-inherent limits on Realization).

    But one cannot Fully Awaken from the dream of conditional existence itself by one's own initiative. The ego cannot wake itself out of the dream.

    One can only be Awakened with the help of Someone Who is already Awakened. But how then did that person Awaken? As one considers this puzzle, It becomes clear that the only way Awakening can be initiated in the dream is when the Awakened State Itself "crosses over" into the dream because no "part" of the dream can cross over into the Awakened State on its own. (You can and do cross over into your dream state at night, but no character in your dream can cross over into your bedroom!) But unlike our normal "waking state" the Awakened State is the State of Perfect Non-Separateness, in which there are no "things" and "beings", only the Divine Being.

    Thus, there is only one way that the Awakened State can intrude into the dream: the Divine Being must incarnate in the dream to initiate the Awakening process within the dream. Adi Da Samraj is just such a Divine Incarnation or Avatar. That He is the Very Divine, in Person, is a Spiritual Revelation which authenticates Itself, in the same way that your knowing you exist right now is a truth that authenticates itself.

  • Our Real Self Most intimate of all is the final Realization of Who Avatar Adi Da Samraj is: He is our Real and Very Self, here to Awaken us from this dream of mortality, limited existence, and limited "self", into the Perfect Happiness of Infinite Divine Existence, our True State. Our Real Self has taken human form so as to be absolutely tangible to us, in a way that "abstract God" cannot: Adi Da Samraj is here in Person to ring in our ears like an alarm clock, and to kiss us like the Prince did Sleeping Beauty. He is here to get us to forget our "false self" and remember our Real Self more and more, until we Awaken as our Real Self.

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