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Living with Adi Da Samraj: Revelations, Miracles, and Lessons

Spiritual practice in Adidam is all about living with Avatar Adi Da Samraj, whether in His physical company, or at a distance. Through "staying in the Room" with Adi Da Samraj, His devotees grow in their recognition of Who He Is, and are thus in an ever better position to Realize Adi Da Samraj's Spiritual Realization. The process of living with Avatar Adi Da Samraj reflects to devotees their human and spiritual shortcomings, all of which are obstacles to spiritual growth, and all of which must be understood and transcended in order for spiritual progress to occur. Here are some of the stories told by devotees, of their life with their Guru. They range from tales of extraordinary miracles to miracles of human transformation. One thing becomes clear as you read these stories: Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Grace is a spontaneous manifestation of love for His devotees; He works His "Divine Magic" in as many ways as there are devotees. In short, spiritual practice and spiritual realization in Adidam is all about the relationship between Avatar Adi Da Samraj and His devotee. And almost always, in order to deal with His devotees' egoic patterns for real, Adi Da has had to get under their skin. . .

Tom Closser

Tom Closser IIn December 1983, two months after Avatar Adi Da's arrival at Adidam Samrajashram (on the island of Naitauba in Fiji), an accident occurred that would have been fatal without Avatar Adi Da's Intervention. The story of that incident is told by two people: Frans Bakker, one of the doctors involved; and Tom Closser, the devotee to whom the accident occurred, who describes his near-death experience, and a profound lesson about how "guilt" can become a self-destructive impediment to growth.


Annie RogersAnnie Rogers became a devotee of Avatar Adi Da in 1973. She spent many years serving in His personal Company. She is presently a member of the community of Adi Da's devotees in Marin County, California. Here she tells of how Avatar Adi Da Samraj revealed to her that He is the Divine Person, the "hole in the universe" revealing the Divine Domain.

She also realized that the devotee's reception of Adi Da Samraj's Spiritual Transmission does not require any physical or social interaction with Adi Da Samraj: "He Transmits this Power by His mere existence. Just as on the night at Red Sitting Man, I knew that Adi Da does not have to be active. He does not have to look at me. He does not have to speak to me. He does not have to deal with me or Teach me or Instruct me or do anything to me. I knew He is merely That."

Annie Rogers

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