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Formally Support Avatar Adi Da's Work and the Way of Adidam


My True and Ultimate Function is to instigate the superphysics of literal and Most Perfect God-Realization among My true devotees. If there is no duplication of that superphysical Process, there can be no true Continuation of My Blessing Work [beyond My human lifetime], except in verbal form, because there can be no Living Agency. . . .

I have no karma to fulfill. My only Purpose, out of Sympathy for you all, is to stay here long enough to Do what I have come to do, which is to create this immense Mandala of [Spiritual] Transmission for the sake of those who live now and those who live in the future.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Those who are moved to serve Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Work specifically through advocacy and patronage are invited to become members of the third congregation of Adidam. Such individuals enter into a formal agreement to study Avatar Adi Da's Word, to serve Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Work in the world, and to contribute financially toward the support of His Work. If you are interested in this form of involvement, please contact:

The Third Congregation of Adidam
10336 Loch Lomond Road PMB #144
Middletown, CA 95461
phone number: (707) 928-5560
e-mail: third_congregation@aboutadidam.org

A Special Invitation

If you are a person of wealth or influence, we invite you to serve Avatar Adi Da's world-Blessing Work through your unique philanthropic and/or communicative abilities. Truly, patronage of the Divine World-Teacher, Adi Da Samraj, exceeds all other possible forms of philanthropy. As a member of the third congregation of Adidam, supporting the world-Work of Adi Da, you are literally helping to change the destiny of countless people. You are making it possible for His Divine Influence to reach people who might otherwise never come to know of Him. You are allowing Him the fullest use of His own physical Lifetime. To make the choice to serve Adi Da Samraj via your patronage or unique influence is to transform your own life and destiny, and the life and destiny of all mankind, in the most Spiritually auspicious way. Your communication with us will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

If you are interested in serving Avatar Adi Da's Work in this way, contact:

12040 North Seigler Road
Middletown, CA 95461
phone number: (707) 928-4800
FAX: (707) 928-4618
email: advocacy@aboutadidam.org

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